Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Pic Quiz #3

    Identify him
    Hint:Do you need one???

    Connect #3

    Connect all the pics above


    And just try identifying all these dudes

    Map Quiz

    What does this map show. Give me the full details as in each colour stands for what?

    Quickie 2

    It was founded in 1952 by California clothing company Pacific Mills. It became part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996. What?

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Connect #2

    Tuf one maybe...Check it out!!! Connect the 4 pics above with proper explanation

    Car Logo

    Identify the car logo. Cant get easier than this. The logo is easily visible - just identify which brand

    Pic Quiz #2

    Identify the comic hero at the bottom...sitter for comic buffs

    Pic Quiz #1

    Identify her...notice the disheveled look. Looks out of control right?


    Connect these pics!!!

    Another one!

    Ranbaxy changed the name of their financial biz arm. What is it called? What was its former name?

    Question for the day!

    Easy one. This word was coined by Deepak Mohoni around 1990 while writing market analysis columns for some of the business newspapers and magazines. It gained popularity over the next year or two.What word???


    If ‘Fresh’ is the retail chain of Reliance then whose retail chain is ‘Fresh@’?


    Pic Quiz #1 - Irina Brar - Indian Golfer

    Pic Quiz #2 - Chris Evert - Tania and VJ got it

    Quickie - Mark Burnett - vj gets it

    Pic Quiz #3 - Simon and Garfunkel - Anil and Sudarshan getting it

    Question for the Day - Val Kilmer - Khandu

    Pic Quiz #4 - John Grisham - Avik

    Pic Quiz #5 - It is Valentino Rossi - Marut got it first...Vj too

    And Another one!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...Gotcha!!!

    Its Elmer Fudd...Nobody gets it 'wight'

    New set...after a long gap!

    Here they are!

    1)In the mid-80s, the computer-aided search for a new name of the Mutuelles Unies / Drouot entity resulted in short listing of – Argos, ___ and Elanwas. Elan meant ‘moose’ in the native language and Argos was already a popular company name, so both were eliminated. In 1985, Chairman/CEO Claude Bébéar chose ____ as the corporate name.

    2)Connect Labs, Scholar, Alerts, Sets and X ?

    3)What do you have to do to become a member of "The Mile High Club"?

    4)This company is known for selling, among other things, pre-fabricated houses, but its bestseller is Swedish meatballs. In the past few years the copies of its catalog distributed has been more than that of the Bible . Name the company.

    5)Identify which company's logo

    6)Around the year 2000, an article appeared in the Economic Times whose headline read: "Now there is going to be lot of SEX on clean Singapore roads". What was the article about?

    7)Which organization's logo

    8)Connect the two people

    9)X invented the wireless Y for a Z. His Y used sound to communicate with a Z instead of using light. It used aluminium rods struck by buttons on the device to produce high-frequency tones that would be interpreted to control functions by the Z. In the 1960s, X modified his invention to use ultrasonic signals. X, Y, Z?

    10)The following picture shows a person being conferred Honorary Alumnus by University of Florida. Identify him and his creation

    Good luck to all of you...

    So answers in three days fine with you???

    Mail the answers to

    Finally the Answers!!!

    A good response this time round...

    1)Harichandan, Mandar, Surtaru, Parijaata and Kalpaaka Vriksha...
    These are the paradise trees mentioned in the Hindu Mythology

    2)Steely Dan...tuf one???

    3)All were librarians




    7)Nuova Fiat 500

    8)Sir Thomas Cook

    9)All played Zorro...hehehehe...u hav seen Navin Nischol playin it????...hillarious!

    10)From this we get the phrase Smart Alec

    And now the scores -

    Khandu - 7points...hehehehe...dat at 75??? :) gud try!!

    Sudarshan - 7 points

    Anil - 5.5 points...for not mentioning Nuova Fiat 500

    Avishek - 5points

    Vj - 4.5 - wud have given you five but for not mentioning trees...second part of question...0.5 points less wont hurt you :)

    Avik - 4.5 again for not mentioning Nuova Fiat 500 lik Anil

    Vipul - 4 points

    Tania - 3points...guess you didnt google...good job

    Now for some particular reason, everyone came up with Kelvinator, no idea why!!!I was looking for Frigidare though.
    I guess only one of you got it right...Basically Kelvinator is just one of the brands operated by Frigidaire...

    Good Job people...8 people attempted this time...progress eh???

    Keep it up!

    So Sorry folks!!!

    I guess i had to keep you people waiting for so long. Long enough for you all to check, re check and verify the answers you sent me... :)...Man, this freaking dial-up connection...My telefone lines got disconnected...Anyways with no further ado, we move on!!

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    The Next 10

    1)Complete the list Harichandan, Mandar, Surtaru, --------- & --------?

    And tell me what’s special about these 5 names.

    2)This band that was named after an adult toy mentioned in the William Burroughs novel "Naked Lunch." Just name the band.

    3)What common vocation connects Pope Pius XI, Mao Tse Tung and Casanova?

    4)This brand name was a synonym for Icebox since the 1820s. In 1918, a small company (owned byGeneral Motors from 1919 to 1979 and now by Electrolux) seized upon the idea of building cold storage device for consumers and became the largest producer of this equipment and a by-word for this category. Which company?

    5)The name of this oilseed was changed so that it does not offend any delicate sensibilities. In America it is now called Canola. What is it called in India?

    6)What was originally a wooden board or leather screen at the front of a horse-drawn vehicle to protect the driver and those sitting alongside from the mud splashed up by the horse's hooves?

    7)On July 4 this year, Fiat will launch a new version of an iconic brand which it first rolled out exactly 50 years back. What's the brand it launched in 1957?

    8)Identify him.

    9) Connect Tyrone Power, Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Navin Nischol and Anthony Hopkins

    10) In the 1840s, Alexander Hoag and his wife Melinda, along with an accomplice, French Jack became famous throughout New York City for his ingenious con games. How do we know him?

    Good Luck!

    Answers out in two days

    Mail to

    Another one!!

    In 1937, Tex Avery introduced a new character in his cartoon short ‘Egghead Rides Again’. Egghead had a bulbous nose, funny/eccentric clothing, a voice like Joe Penner, and an egg-shaped head. Penner was a zany comic noted for his catchphrase "Wanna buy a duck?" and his low hyuck-hyuck laugh. Many cartoon historians believe that Egghead evolved into X over a period of a couple of years. Who???

    Pic Quiz #5

    Identify this guy.

    Hint:Think Sports

    Pic Quiz #4

    Identify this famous author

    Question for the day!

    Reports have classified the two, i.e. X and Tom Cruise as holding a vitriolic hatred of one another, with X even refusing to participate in a charity beach volleyball game starring the movie's cast with Cruise on the grounds that he was "dangerous", after which Tom Cruise and he physically assaulted each other for almost five minutes before it was broken up. Other actors have also noted that he prepares for his roles so extensively and meticulously, it is often done to the chagrin of cast and crew. Warwick Davis, his co-star from the 1988 fantasy ‘Willow, defended him in his audio commentary for the film, describing X as a very funny man and a hard working, dedicated actor. X is also an avid musician. Who is X

    Pic Quiz #3

    Identify this famous duo.

    The Answers to 25th May Quiz

    The answers...

    1. The phrase is 'Pass the Buck'

    2. Lakme...the brand is also named after it

    3. First Graphic Novel

    4. Scientists in Minority Report

    5. They came up with discllaimer notices saying - No animal was hurt in this movie


    7. The 24 people to sign the Buttonwood agreement under the Buttonwood Tree after which the NYSE was established

    8. The Golden Arches from Mc.Donalds

    9. Silver Ghost/Phantom

    10. The International Red Cross Society

    And now the Scores

    Rahul (Khandu) - 9 points - cud have gievn you a ten but the disclaimer notice was what i was looking for.
    Sudarshan - 7 points
    Tania - 6 points
    Vipul - 6 points
    Avishek - 5 points

    Congo to all of u...


    This British television producer is known for introducing reality television as a genre to the USA after meeting UK producer Charlie Parsons who had come up with the idea of the TV show Survivor. Who.

    Pic Quiz #2

    Identify this sportstar

    Pic Quiz #1

    Identify this Indian Sportswoman.


    Kicking off with the bird reloaded question, well Tania you did crack the Guatemala flag and the national bird should have gone a step further, the bird was the quetzal and the currency of Guatemala is the quetzal as well

    And yea that female in Pic Quiz 1 did look a lot like Whitney Houston but sorry she was Tina Turner

    Tania, VJ and Basu all getting the next one - it was Sanjaya Malakar

    The guitarist was Yngwie Malmsteen - one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Apparently he idolised Jimi Hendrix and took to playing the guitar after his death

    Pic Quiz #3 - Hafeez Contractor

    Logo Quiz - Fosters Group

    The animal aint a 'Zorse' or a 'Zonkey' - it is an Okapi

    Marut got the car logo right - it is the oldsmobile

    Avik got Balalaika right

    And Marut again gets Paolo Rossi right

    Friday, May 25, 2007


    The only footballer to win the World Cup, The Golden Boot and the Golden Ball all in the same year is???

    Pic Quiz #5

    Identify this instrument. Now dont give me modified version of a bla bla bla guitar. I am looking for an exact name.

    Car Logo!

    Identify this famous car logo. The old one on the top and the new one below.

    Hint: This production of this car stopped 2-3 years back

    Pic Quiz #4

    Sitter. Identify this animal.

    Logo Quiz

    Identify this famous logo.

    Pic Quiz #3

    Identify this guy. If i tell you his field, only one name will pop up

    Pic Quiz #2

    Identify this guitarist who pioneered the shred guitar technique and neo-classical metal genre.

    Question of the day!

    He was born in the Seattle, the son of a Bengali and an Italian American mother. His parents filed for divorce when he was three years old, and had been separated for a year prior to filing for divorce. When the divorce was filed, the family had almost no money coming in. His mother and the children were living in a Seattle apartment, and her only income was from welfare. His mother remarried, but his stepfather died soon afterwards. In 1995, his middle name was changed to Joseph to honor his late grandfather Joseph Paul Recchi Sr. Although he spent the majority of his formative years in the Seattle area, he has also lived in California and Hawaii where he performed with the Hawaii Children's Theater group. While in Seattle, he spent three years with the Total Experience Gospel Choir. His father is a classical Indian Musician. Other singers in his family include his older sister Shyamali and his cousin Camila Recchi. Who is he?

    Temme if you got it without googling!

    Pic Quiz

    Identify her.


    The Next 10 questions are here!!!

    1)X is a marker used in poker. It is placed in front of the player who is to deal the next hand. Which popular phrase/phrases originate from this marker?

    2)______ is an opera in three acts by Léo Delibes to a French libretto by Edmond Gondinet and Philippe Gille, based on the 1880 novel Rarahu ou Le Mariage de Loti by Pierre Loti. It was first performed in 1883 at the Opéra Comique in Paris.The story concerns ____, a girl who lives in India with her father, Nilakantha, who is a Hindu priest. She falls in love with Gérald, a young British man in the military service and consequently displeases her father. To avoid trouble between her father and Gérald, _____ chooses suicide over dishonor.Name it.

    3)Will Eisner,s book "A Contract with God, and Other Tenement Stories" published in 1978 is first of a kind, what?

    4)“Agatha”, “Dashiell” and “Arthur” apart from being names of famous
    detective writers, are also the nicknames of characters in a sci fi movie.
    Which all time great sci fi movie I am referring to and who are these

    5)The 1939 movie Jesse James starring Henry Fonda as
    the outlaw became notorious after the death of a horse
    on it’s sets. What started as a result of it?

    6)The 1999 movie Man on the Moon starring Jim Carey
    was about real life American comedian Andy Kauffman.
    The movie gets it’s title from a song by a well known
    rock band which in turn is taken from the album
    Automatic for the People. Name the band.

    7)What is the significance of the following list:
    Leonard Bleecker, Hugh Smith, Armstrong & Barnewall, Samuel March, Bernard Hart, Alexander Zuntz, Andrew D. Barclay, Sutton & Hardy, Benjamin Seixas, John Henry, John A. Hardenbrook, Samuel Beebe, Benjamin Winthrop, John Ferrers, Ephraim Hart, Isaac M. Gomez, Gulian McEvers, Augustine H. Lawrence, G. N. Bleecker, John Bush, Peter Anspach, Charles McEvers, Jr., David Reedy, Robinson & Hartshorne.

    8)Which corporate logo was designed by George Dexter?

    9)In 1907, Rolls Royce unveiled a car that was officially called 40/50. What did it come to be known as?Easy if you know Rolls Royce cars.

    10) During a business trip in 1859, he was witness to the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino in modern day Italy. He recorded his memories and experiences in the book "A Memory of Solferino" which became the inspiration for the creation of what???

    Answers out in two days...

    Mail answers to


    Now you all have seen him in 'How I met your Mother'. But did you know that Neil Patrick Harris aka the womanizing Barney Stinson is gay in reality...

    The bird Question (reloaded!)

    Remember that bird question???Lets see if you can answer it now!

    Connect the two pics and you may have the answer at your fingertips.

    New American Idol!

    Jordin Sparks, who is aged just 17 and comes from Glendale, Arizona, has become the youngest ever winner of the very popular US television talent show American Idol.

    Jordin Sparks defeated Blake Lewis, 25, in the final in the series of American Idol, which received a record 74 million telephone votes.

    AC Milan win Champions League finals!

    AC Milan were crowned European champions for the seventh time after they edged Liverpool 2-1 in the Champions League final here on Wednesday, taking their revenge for their heartbreaking defeat to the Merseysiders in the 2005 final.

    Filippo Inzaghi scored both Milan goals - the first coming off his shoulder after he was struck by Andrea Pirlo's free-kick just before half time - before he netted a second in the 82nd minute after being put through superbly by Kaka.

    Dirk Kuyt pulled one back for Liverpool a minute from time with a close range header, but Milan held on to lift the trophy.

    For Milan it was pretty much a miraculous victory having originally been expelled from this year's tournament and docked eight points from their domestic championship for their involvement in Italy's match-fixing scandal.

    However, they were allowed back into the Champions League and Wednesday saw them culminate one of the more extravagant comebacks since Lazarus was raised from the dead.

    Two years ago in Istanbul Milan stormed into a 3-0 half-time lead only to allow Liverpool to draw level within a six-minute second half spell, before losing to the Premiership side on penalties.

    But this time there was less drama and no Liverpool heroics as Milan atoned themselves for the worst night in their history.

    However, for Milan's hardman midfielder Gennaro Gattuso it was revenge personified

    "The defeat in Istanbul will stay with me for the rest of my life," said Gattuso, who briefly had a spell with Scottish giants Rangers.

    "But today it's Liverpool who are crying, just like we did two years ago," added the non-compromising World Cup winning midfielder.

    Milan captain Paolo Maldini, whose season has been plagued by a left knee injury was passed fit to play, enabling him to equal former Real Madrid midfielder Francisco Gento's record of eight European Cup final appearances.

    Inzaghi was preferred to Alberto Gilardino to play as a lone striker for the Serie A side. Behind him to offer support were attacking midfielders Kaka, the competition's leading scorer with 10 goals, and Dutchman Clarence Seedorf.

    Kuyt's header gave Liverpool hope, but Milan clung on to banish those dark memories of Istanbul.


    Mel Blanc's epitaph read - That's all folks!!! (remember that one...looney toons!) - Tania gets it

    The Hansel and Gretel one - the Breadcrumb Trail - Tania again

    Well that bridge. Yes, it is the Milau Bridge built by Norman Foster. Good one Khandu. You can read the rest of the facts he has provided in the comment box.

    He began his career in his homeland with Aalesunds FK After a single season as senior player for the club, he moved abroad in 1998 and played the formative years of his professional career with French club AS Monaco. He was a regular member of the 1999-2000 Ligue 1 championship-winning Monaco side. However, the youngster fell out of favour with coach Claude Puel after admitting his desire to leave. He was subject of much interest from EPL clubs, with both Blackburn Rovers and Fulham FC trying to sign him. Leeds United were particularly keen, tabling a £4m bid in 2000, though this came to nothing as Monaco wanted £6m for him. Who?

    It is John Arne Riise - Tania, Marut and Basu get it right

    No one even attempted those two logos. Was in the news 3 days back. They are the logos of Unicredit Bank (Italy) and Capitalia Bank. They merged thus becoming the 2nd largest Bank in Europe, after of course Barclays.

    The countdown - well they are the calendar months in reverse. Anil gets it. They just describe the Roman Gods after which they are named, like Janus - two faced, March - Mars - hence war, July August - pretty obvious - Julius Augustus - uncle, nephew

    It was Steven Tyler indeed. Waise i heard Mick Jagger might be tying the knot this year. Anil got it first

    That old guy - no man...not Rupert Murdoch. He is Peter Drucker

    The bird isnt a kookaburra. I'll give a hint later on and publish the question again. Try then.

    The tennis dude - James Blake - Tania, Marut and Avik all get it right

    Ok someone mistook the comment about this animal being half squirrel, half rabbit. No tricks involved and no it isnt a biproduct of an experiment held in any research lab. It is known as a chinchilla, found in the western coasts of South America. Good tries from everyone

    It was Arthur Conan Doyle - and no one googled that thankfully. Khandu, Marut, Basu and Sudarshan all cracked it. Other facts written by Basu in the comment box. Do read it.

    The music prize - it is the Polar Music Prize - good one Khandu...

    AT&T logo and Star Wars - it is the DEATH STAR - Headshot Ravan aka Khandu

    Failed projects??? or rather test versions of Microsoft which were later scrapped
    ...Khandu, Marut and Sudarshan...all there...

    Good one folks. Sorry for the delay in posting the questions. Will do it today without fail.

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Quickie for Cyber Junkies!

    Connect “Nashville”, “Cairo” and “Neptune” with respect to Windows OS.

    Quickie for Star Wars fans!

    Connect AT&T’s Globe logo with Star Wars series.

    Try this one!

    It is considered to be the musical equivalent of the Nobel Prize. It was started in 1992 by the late Stig Anderson, the manager of ABBA. In 2001, the honour went to Burt Bacharach, an American songwriter. What is this award called?

    Pretty simple!

    His first-class career lasted from 1900 to 1907. In all he played 10 matches for MCC - 18 innings, 6 not-outs, 231 runs, highest score 43, average 19.25. He also took one wicket for 50 runs. Identify him. And if you identified him correctly, tell me whose wicket.

    Try not to google people. There is no fun then.

    Answers to 21st Quiz

    So here are the much awaited answers

    1)Captain Jack Sparrow

    2)Zidane's Headbutt

    3)Gabriel Batistuta

    4)Lincoln - from Ford

    5)Bicycle Kick

    6)Jack Welch, General Electric



    9)George Best

    10)Ravikant Ruia - Chairman of Essar


    Marut - 9 points
    Lokesh - 8 points
    Sudarshan - 8 points
    Anil - 7 points
    Avishek - 6.5 points

    Ok then... keep quizzing!!

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Pic Quiz #5

    Dont think i m too much into wildlife today. If you got the earlier question on that bird rite, then just remember this one belongs to that region as well

    Looks cute rite - Half rabbit, Half squirrel.

    Pic Quiz #4

    Very easy to distinguish him from the rest. Identify this upcoming star

    Pic Quiz #3

    A very common question in many quizzes. Just identify the bird.

    Pic Quiz #2

    Identify this icon.

    Question for the day #2

    He is renowned for his wide grin and big lips. During his high energy stage performances, he usually dresses in bright colorful outfits with his trademark scarves hanging from his mic stand. In the band's early days, he was also known for having a bottle of Jack Daniel's on stage with him, a practice he has since discontinued. Identify 'The Demon of Screamin'.


    This is no countdown, we’re only suffering reverses! 10, 9, 8, 7, Nephew, Uncle, Ox-eyed Queen, Increase Lady, Opener, War, Purify and Two-face. What?


    The Car logo - Maserati - Anil gets it right

    Relate the two - well no one got it - the guy on the left is Klaus Klinsfield and the guy on the right is Peter Loescher. Basically, Klaus is the outgoing CEO of Seimens and Peter from Merck is gonna replace him

    The caricature was Michel Platini - Avik got it

    Relate the other two - Well, the guy on top was Zico and the guy below Kiatisuk Senamuang...well i dont expect you to know his name. The latter is a Thai of footballer of great fame, somewhat like Baichung of India. The connect is that both are known by the same name Zico.

    And FYI - The original Zico's real name is Arthur Antunes Coimbra


    Now this could very well qualify as useless trivia. But the ISD code of Czech Republic is 0420

    Pulitzer Prize!

    This year's Pulitzer Prize winning photo

    A lone Jewish settler challenges Israeli security officers during clashes that erupted as authorities cleared the West Bank settlement of Amona, east of the Palestinian town of Ramallah. Thousands of troops in riot gear and on horseback clashed with hundreds of stone-throwing Jewish settlers holed up in this illegal West Bank outpost after Israel’s Supreme Court cleared the way of demolition of nine homes at the site.


    Identify the two logos

    and tell me the significance of me puttin 'em up.