Monday, September 29, 2008

    Mythology for now...

    1. According to Hindu mythology, this astra lets loose a powerful tirade of millions of deadly missiles simultaneously. The intensity of the shower increases with resistance. The only solution is total submission before the missile, given which it will stop. The secret of the weapon was known by only three warriors: Drona, Aswatthama and Krishna. It was also said that the weapon can be used only once in a war and if tried to use it twice it would devour your own army. Name the astra.

    2. Something done by the heroine of this tale, in her childhood, led to her marriage. The X, with which she had played with, was destroyed by her husband before their marriage. Later her husband was challenged by his predecessor for destroying the X. Name X, the heroine, her husband and his predecessor.

    3. Once The Trinity decided to test the chastity of X, wife of Y. They came to X's house as Brahmins and request for food with the condition that she has to serve it nude. X without any hesitation agreed to that. In turn she used her pativrita shakti to convert the brahmins into child and then offered them food without any dress. The Trinity could revert back to their original form only after she did herself on the request of gods. After this event she was blessed with a child who is said to be an avatara of all three Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The child is also worshiped as god in many parts of the country. Name X, Y and their child.

    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Unbelievable??? Believe it!

    Convicted forger A. Schiller was serving his time in Sing
    Sing prison in the late 1800s when guards found him dead in
    his cell. On his body they found seven regular straight pins
    whose heads measured the typical 47/1000ths of an inch or
    1.17 millimeters in diameter. Under 500 magnification it was
    found that the tiny etchings seen on the heads of the pins
    were the words to The Lord's Prayer, which is 65 words and
    254 letters long. Of the seven pins, six were silver and one
    was gold - the gold pin's prayer was flawless and a true
    masterpiece. Schiller had spent the last 25 years of his life
    creating the pins, using a tool too small to be seen by the
    naked eye. It is estimated that it took 1,863 sepatate carving
    strokes to make it. Schiller went blind because of his

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008


    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Try This!

    1. What is being shown in the picture below?

    2. "A combination of the Greek Symbol epsilon, as a sign of the weight of the civilization, an E; and the parallel lines crossing through standing for the stability..."
    What is being described?

    3. In 1282, the French Angrevins "held a tight grip on Sicily" , which led to the formation of a secret society to defeat this oppressive organization. The battle cry of the society was "morte alla Francia Italia anelia!" which when translated in English is "Death to the French is Italy's cry!". Which secret organization?

    4. This is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by a film. Launched in 1996 by Viacom Consumer Products and the Rusty Pelican Company, this became the first theme restaurant inspired by a film. There are now 20 restaurants all located in the United States and eastern Asia. Name the movie and the restaurant chain.

    5. This bird has given its name to a word in the English language as it was difficult to hunt. What is its name?

    6. A rectangular country whose capital is Emerald City--- you can go there by boarding a tornado and get out b clicking your red shoes one against the other. Identify this imaginary nation.

    7. "Between love and madness lies Obsession"....tagline of which brand?

    8. Which famous route is being shown below?

    9. Born in Macedonia,made an honorary citizen of the United States. The only person to be featured on an Indian postage stamp when alive. Who are we talking about?

    10. Appelby Arrows, Ballycastle Bats, Bigonville Bombers, Braga Broomfleet, Fitchburg Fitches, Gimbi GiantSlayers,Grodzisk Goblins,Patonga Proudsticks,Pride of Portree,Puddlemere United,Sweetwater All-Stars,Toyohashi Tengu,Vrasta Vultures,Wington Wanderers,Wimbourne Wasps
    What sport do these teams play?

    11. First extracted in 1807, this commodity is given various names in different parts of India--all primarily refer to the fact that it is retrieved from the soil. In various Indian languages,its name can be translated as "Oil of the Earth". In most other parts of the world, it is known by the Greek origin meaning "wax". What is this commodity?

    12. The name of which company when translated from Korean, means "To Rise out of Asia"?

    13. In UEFA Euro 1992,this team had lost out in the qualifying stages,but was allowed participation only after Yugoslavia was banned because of a Civil War in the Balkans exactly 10 days before the tournament. They went on to win the Championship.Which team?

    14. What is being depicted in the picture?

    15. This sport was called urania in amcient Greece,harpaston in ancient Rome,fangballspiel in mediveal Germany. It was first introduced in the Berlin Olympics on the special request of Adolf Hitler. Which sport?

    16. What was founded by Rufus Porter in 1845 as a single page newsletter which mostly published reports about happenings at the US patent office?

    17. This is the logo of what?

    18. Joe Foster,one of the founders of the company saw this name in a dictionary he won in a race. Unfortunately the dictionary was a South Afican Edition which resulted in the present spelling. Which brand?

    19. What originates from "Airyanem Vaejah" meaning at the expense of the Aryans?

    20. Which company is named in tribute to this Goddess?

    21. The language of the Surinamese Hindus,its dialects,varieties and creoles are also spoken in various parts of the world including Brazil,Fiji,Guyana,Mauritius,South Africa,Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.Which language?

    22. Identify the person.

    23. Identify the trophy.

    24. They are all flags of a single location. Which place?

    25. Identify.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    The Quizzitch Cup

    Keeping up the legacy of the Bull's Eye and the Quiz Grand Prix Championships, Quizinc@NITDgp organised the first quiz of the QUIZZITCH CUP-- the Championship of the 2008-09 quizzing season, on  16th Sept,2008. 
    This however wasn't the inaguaral event of Quizinc in this semester....kickoff was with the Hall 7 and Hall 9 quizzes conducted in the first year hostels by Quizinc members to give the new batch a taste of the kind of quizzes we have in this college. Needless to say,first year enthusiasm combined with questions veering more towards sports and  entertainment made both these quizzes very enjoyable.The two best first year teams(girls and boys) would get a direct entry into the mains of the first quiz of the Quizzitch Cup. Playing for this added incentive,there was fierce competition between the teams till the team Clueless(Neha Chowdhury,Goldy Bhowmik and Aratrika Gupta) from Hall 7 and team Aghori(Prashant Mishra,Harsh Ranjan and Aditya Akhauri) from Hall 9 beat the others to the coveted place in the finals of the first Quizzitch.
    With around 40 teams in the packed Assembly Hall and a few warm up questions, the first quiz of the Quizzitch Cup began with Hrishikesh hosting a 25 question prelims. Even though the difficulty level of the questions was higher, there were commendable performances with around 17 teams being in contention for qualification. Six teams made it to the finals where they were joined by the two first year teams. The mains hosted by Avik saw some great as well as innovative answering(especially the advertisement round!). The 5 round mains braved a 15 minute power cut and finally  the final year team "Jinx continued"(Anirban,Bijeet,Vishnu) came out on top with a brilliant answer in the last Long Connect round,bagging 50 points there.In second place was "Anonymous"(Asad,Pranoy,Vivek) and a close third was "Special Dinner" (Shantanu and Dhritiman) both third year teams.Wrapped up by 9pm,the quiz really set the pace for the ones to come in the semester. 
    ........And for those of you who couldn't make it to the quiz, here are a few samplers from the prelims.....but be there to witness it in person the next time round!!