Saturday, August 18, 2007


    Avik cracked it...The answer is Mohammed Al Fayed...owner of Harrods, Ritz Paris, Fulham FC, and formerly of Punch Magazine...the black guy in the pic is Bobby Brown...Fayad has starred in the Bobby Brown shows a couple of times in cameo appearances

    Quickie #2

    Which country has the largest Japanese population outside Japan ?

    Tk with the rite answer - Its Brazil

    Pic Quiz

    This flower has lent its name to a particular shade of blue. Identify flower

    Its cornflower blue - Tania...real quik....these two answers were posted even before i cud refresh the page....


    Commenting on a recent decision, he said that he had always been the black sheep of the family because he was the only one not to have become a teacher. The decision, he said, would allow him a chance to look respectable. Who? What decision?

    Its Narayan Murthy on his decision to retire - Tania...

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Pic Quiz #2

    Sitter.Identify him.

    It is King Harold gets it...

    Pic Quiz

    Identify this animal....simple one if you have watched Evan Almighty

    Evan Baxter makes the same mistake in the movie...This aint a Llama..but an alpaca...though all belong to the camelid family...

    Question of the day!!

    The above were the other candidates. Who was chosen in the end???Easy one...

    tk getting it rite first...Avik got it wrong....and then stumbled his way later...Youtube werent awarded the Time person of the was You...

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Saturday, August 4, 2007

    Pic Quiz #2

    What is the man playing???

    Another question with no rite answers...its a marimba...predominant in South America

    Question of the day!!

    Barcelona’s Thierry Henry diving for the ball in Edinburgh

    the legs of the U.S. team competing in Rio de Janeiro create an interesting pattern

    US golfer Paula Creamer marking her ball in the 14th women’s Golf Masters in France

    Such photographs fall into a category...Its called 'Marmalade Droppers' or 'cornflakes droppers', coz the newspaper folks expect you to drop ur breakfast looking at such pics...

    Pic Quiz

    Identify this band...

    No one getting it, its Alien Ant Farm - famous for their cover of 'Smooth Criminal'

    Crouching Liger, Hidden Tigon!!!