Friday, June 29, 2007

    Next set of questions...phew...finally!!!

    Here goes!!!

    1)Sitter. In ancient Hindu Art, He is represented as red, two faced with Black eyes and hair , three legs and seven arms. He is depicted as riding a Ram or a chariot pulled by goats or rarely by parrots. His name is the first word of the first hymn of the Rigveda. Who is this deity of the Pantheon of Hindu Gods?

    2)This company ensures that its products comply with ANSI Z87.i requirements for basic impact and high impact protection. The Frames used by this company are Acetate , c5 , Magnesium , O-Luminum , O Matter , Titanium , X Metal. Famous poker star Phil Helmuth is sponsored by this company and it is also the only company that has a life long deal with Lance Armstrong as they helped him during his cancer treatment. Which famous company is this?

    3)The ship was named after a fictional character - an Erotic dancing witch in Robert Burns' 1791 comic poem Tam o' Shanter.It was designed by Hercules Linton and built in 1869 at Dumbarton, Scotland, by the firm of Scott & Linton, for Captain John "Jock" "White Hat" Willis, and launched November 23 of that year. It has also inspired the name of a brand of whiskey .What is the name of this ship?

    4)Identify the two people

    5) Which band reportedly named themselves after a pipe sculpture in Seattle's Sand Point that makes unearthly howling noises in the wind?

    6)Identify this. What is it called

    7)Connect the three images

    8)Logo of which company

    (cudnt get a bigger one...)

    9)Identify the logo and its two most popular clients

    10)You know the logo, but why the colours???…yea rite…and you thought I was gonna ask you about the logo…J

    Mail your answers and do give your feedback to

    Answers out in three days!!!


    Waterborne, a film directed by Kanwal Rekhi's son Ben Rekhi and starring Shabana Azmi has to its credit one of the most unconventional firsts. What?

    First Movie to premiere on Google Video...Deepu yet again!!

    Question of the Day

    Which is the only company mentioned by Osama bin Laden in an April 2004 tape, in which he claims that "this is a war [Iraq war] that is benefiting major companies with billions of dollars".

    Deepu gets is the Halliburton Company

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007


    Very easy.Direction Software Solutions is a software services firm based in Mumbai and specializes in developing & implementing Internet strategies for businesses & providing high-end software development services for clients such as Sippy Films, Alex Cannon and Otto Versand. Who is the CEO???

    VJ gets dat one...its Arun Nayar

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Connect #6

    gud work Tania and Sudarshan...
    the connect is Tabasco
    Pic1 - Avery Island, Louisiana...dont ask me why :)
    Pic5 - Tabasco State Symbol - called the 'Coat of Arms'
    Other pics explanation given by Tania and Nadu

    Connect #5

    The connect is Givenchy...
    Pic1 - The Kennedy Family - widely known for their use of Givenchy Products
    Pic2 - Herbert Givenchy - its inventor
    Pic3 - Audrey Hepburn - one of the many who endorsed it

    For all you quizzards...

    Please do gimme the exact explanation for the connect questions...

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    Connect #4

    The answer is Jessica Biel...
    Avik gets it rite and sudarshan explains it for us..
    Pic 1 - Beauty and the Beast musical which she played in at a young age
    Pic2 - L'oreal for obvious reasons...
    and the rest are movies she has appeared in or going to appear

    Pic Quiz #5

    It is neither the Mohan Veena nor the is actuallya Persian instrument called the 'Setar'...not to be confused with Sitar

    Pic Quiz #4

    He is Trevor Bayliss...the new SriLankan coach...

    Connect #3

    Hahahaha...this is one guessed the second pic at least...I m keeping the answer to myself for some more days...try figuring out the second pic...u all know him or at least have heard of him...

    Pic Quiz #3

    G - mo nailed it...It is Slayer...

    Connect #2

    Excellent work by Tania and Avishek...answer is Hank Azaria...explanations in the comment box

    Pic Quiz #2

    Well this was a tuf one...
    It is the Sanrio Entertainment Island Project...Sanrio is the Japanese company which comes out with those 'Hello Kitty' dolls

    Pic Quiz #1

    The person is Suresh Kalmadi...chief of Indian Olympic Association...Ecclestone just wrote him a letter about the new F1 race in India


    Which company was originally called Qingdao Refrigerator Co.

    Yes is Haier

    Question of the Day!!

    Retired physician and self-appointed literary critic, he took it upon himself to tidy up the works of Shakespeare by removing those lines, "which cannot with propriety be read in a family." In his 1818 volume, 'The Family Shakespeare', he severely cut some speeches, omitted certain bawdy characters entirely and in the case of expletives, included the word 'God'. Name this person and the word.

    Sudarshan gets it rite...Thomas Bowdler is the person and 'bowdlerise' is the word

    Connect #1

    The connect is Daredevil...
    Sudarshan almost got it rite there...Had it been Frank Miller i wudnt have given his pic...
    Pic 1 - Daredevil's First TV appearance
    Pic 2 - Frank Miller
    Pic 3 - Kingpin - daredevils archnemesis
    Pic 4 - Daredevils first appearnce in a comic bk designed by Frank
    Other explanations by Sudarshan in the comment box

    Answers to May 30th questions!!!

    Here they are!!!



    3)Get 'lucky' on an airplane with a girl...if u knw wat i mean


    5)Hinduja Group

    6)New Number plates on Singaporen roads


    8)A Gud Question i believe...above - Kevin Moran, Below - Jose Antonio Reyes...only two people to get red careded in an FA cup final

    9)X- Robert Adler
    Y - Remote Control
    Z - Television

    10)The guy being awarded is Robert Cade of the Gatorade fame


    Anil - 7points
    Sudarshan - 5points
    Avishek - 4points

    Keep up the good wrk!!!

    Friday, June 8, 2007

    Question of the day!

    Allegedly a member of this band came up with the name as an anagram of the beer he was drinking at the time : Cully's Stout Beer. It has also been said that it was based on a recipe that their manager found and their obsession with occult. Which Band???

    The Answers...

    Fresh@ is the retail chain of Heritage Foods owned by Chandrababu Naidu...Anil and Marut get it

    Deepak Mahoni coined the word Sensex...Anil and Marut yet again

    Abi and Marut get Ranbaxy rite...formerly known as Religare

    Urdu???If life was that simple...well Santosh gives me the connection...i could take that as well...Gulzar's fixation with Galib...well another connection which i was looking for was Bali Maran...the place where Galib was born, same as Gulzar...even the song has a stanza where the place is mentioned...chk it out!!!Good try folks

    The Female...jus coz one person says Brande...evryone else goes with the same...It is Courtney Love..Boy i didnt know Out of Control was supposed to be taken so seriously...Sorry people my mistake...i should control my 'play with words' the next time round...:)

    Sudarshan and Debleena got The Green Lantern rite

    Just one hint and Marut got it...Camaro it is...

    Connect #2 - AC Milan...Avik getting it rite and Santosh cgiving the finishing touches...good one...

    Marut, Vj, Sudarshan , Tania...all scoring..Miss Universe it is...By the way!!! Miss Japan wasnt all dat good lookin rite??i didnt quite like her...

    Well the map...way to go broke away from the rest and cracked it rite...Awesome one... it is the Kyoto Protocol...USA and Australia are yet to ratify it...

    Connect#3 - well i purposely gave all the pics in B/W...but Sudarshan can you name all the people there...the connect is rite though...It is Superman...people who have played the action hero...And i deliberately didnt give Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh as hints...

    And Lastly...Avik and Nadu get Bob Houghton rite - the Indian Football Coach

    Great Going people...sorry for all the delays...

    Delay yet again!!!

    Ah yes...the procrastination...I am in India there is gonna be a lot of delays...But we must move on!!!