Friday, October 17, 2008

    Answers to Try this

    Most of the questions were answered, but the answers to the ones that were not cracked by all are:-

    2   is Euro
    4   is Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
    11 is Kerosene, 
    14 is Jack the Ripper(no one got this one)
    17 is Wikileaks(again was unanswered)
    19 is Iran red lines
    20 is Cannon, and that is Goddess Kwanon(Buddhist Goddess of Mercy) in the picture ( that was a real toughee...)
    21 is Bhojpuri(unbelievably not answered by anyone...but cracked by a few in our local quiz)
    22 is Tania Sachdev, the indian woman chess player
    23 is Ryder cup
    24 is Antartica

    1 attempts:

    vish said...

    1. curfew
    2. stephen wolfram

    4.message from salman rushdie to his son ZAFAR [ first letter of each verse taken together]
    5. Gurkhas enrolling in the British Army