Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Summer Bonanza #10


    The map above suggests something. What? (I am not looking for a very specific answer!! )


    Well they say.. ‘looks are deceptive’ and this happens to be no exception.

    This cute little kid isn’t so cute after all. He is X. Identify X.


    Don't worry about me. I'm fine though perhaps a little tired. I hope to come home soon and then
    I can rest in your arms. I have a great longing for rest, but my duty to the people comes before
    everything else. I thank you for the proof of your affection and ask you also to thank your
    esteemed father and your most gracious mother for their greetings and good wishes. I am very
    proud of the honor - please tell them that - to possess the love of girl who comes from such a
    distinguished family.
    From my whole heart, your X."

    I am beside myself. I am dying of anxiety now that I know you are in danger. Come back as soon
    as possible. I feel as if I am going insane.
    The weather is beautiful here and everything seems so peaceful that I am ashamed of myself ...
    You know I have always told you that I would die if anything happened to you. From our first
    meeting on, I have promised myself to follow you wherever you go, even to death. You know that I live only for your love.
    Yours Y"

    X and Y are very specially related. Who is Y?


    The name derives from a speech made on 18 June, 1940 in the House of Commons. He said, "The Battle of A is over. I expect the Z is about to begin..."
    Well if you are utterly confused, let me help you out. A is the name of a country shown in the
    1st picture and it happens to be a rival of Z. The battle of Z is actually what I am looking for!


    If you get the question above, this should be a piece of cake!!

    Now, finally tell me how this date is connected to this entire thing.

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