Tuesday, April 6, 2010


    What do you get if you connect all these three pics

    Ans. The World's fastest Indian. 

    Pic1 - Burt Munroe (Pic1) - character is played by Anthony Hopkins (Pic 2) in the movie. Pic 3 is one of the very first Indian Bikes.

    Avishek Ray, Buckingfastard, Santosh Bhople, blogbyp, Sudipto Basu and JW

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    stuntman mike said...

    again googled my way

    1. Herbert Munro - holder of the highest spped record for less than 1000 cc mobike.
    2. Hopkins played his role in world's fastest indian
    3. and early version of a motorcycle from the Indian Motor Company

    buckingfastard said...

    luvd da movie....world's fastest indian

    pic 1 burt munro

    pic 2 anthony hopkins who potrayed him in the movie

    pic 3 1st indian bike

    santosh.bhople said...

    connect is Indian
    pic shows Burt Munro, Anthony Hedstom and Anthony Hopkins in order.

    Oscar Hedstom was co-founder of Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, makers of the Indian Motorcycle.
    Movie 'World's Fastest Indian' stars Anthony Hopkins. This movie is based on life of 'Burt Munro' and his highly modified Indian Scout Motorcycle

    Nihar said...

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    Unknown said...

    Pic 1.Burt Munro
    Pic 2.Anthony Hopkins
    Pic 3.Burt Munro's "INDIAN" bike

    Connect-the movie "The World's Fatest Indian"

    Sudipto Basu said...

    The World's Fastest Indian.

    JW said...

    world's fastest indian