Tuesday, April 13, 2010


    Question by one of our avid followers... this comes from Avishek Ray (aka Stuntman Mike)

    Connect the following pics -

    and in a way...

    Ans. No one got this right. Great question by Avishek Ray...i mean Stuntman Mike

    So here is what...

    Let me identify the pics for you...

    Pic 1 - A type of interceptor aircraft
    Pic 2 - Pele - nickname Black Pearl
    Pic 3 - Ford Endeavour
    Pic 4 - Queen / Empress Victoria
    Pic 5 - Princess Diana
    Pic 6 - The Dauntless dive bomber
    Pic 7 - Dennis Bergkamp - (wat a playa!) - nickname Non Flying Dutchman as he had fear of flying.

    So there you have it...

    the connect was - Names of ships mentioned on the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

    Went uncracked!!

    4 attempts:

    Shravan said...

    Guess its the Aviator (Hughes Aircraft)

    Anonymous said...

    Names of ships in Star Trek

    goatboi said...

    Something to do with stamps???

    bjt said...

    I seriously have no idea if this is right.

    1st pic. SR71 (Black Bird)
    2nd pic. Pele (Black Pearl)
    3rd pic. Ford Endeavor
    4th pic. Queen Victoria (She used to wear black always to mourn her husband's early death)
    5th pic. Lady Diana
    6th pic. USAF T6 Texan pre WWII and WWII fighter (maybe something to do with the Black Sheep Sqdn.)

    I am guessing "Black"
    most probably I am horribly wrong.