Thursday, May 13, 2010


    Ans: Samsung.

    P.S: Read Pranav's comment for an explanation ( and leave the 'maybe' out of it)

    3 attempts:

    pranav said...

    chelsea signed a deal with them their name means 3 stars and maybe the place where they statted their company

    Nihar said...

    Chelsea, Rising Sun, Three stars= Samsung,
    Therefore- Samsung.

    bjt said...


    Clockwise from top left

    Pic 1: Club crest of Chelsea Football Club, the club kit is sponsored by SAMSUNG.

    Pic 2: The building of Samsung Sanghoe Trading Co. Daegu, South Korea. The beginning of the modern Samsung Corp.

    Pic 3: Three Stars, the literal translation of the word Sam-Sung is Three Stars.